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City hall inter-department sportsfest opens!

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(CEBU City Public Information Office) Bearing the theme, "Employees' Physical Fitness, Enhancing an Excellent Public Service" the annual Cebu City Hall Inter-department Sportsfest kicked off Saturday morning, August 30, 2014 with a Holy Mass, Grand Parade and a formal Opening Ceremony.

The Holy Mass was conducted at the Plaza Sugbo fronting Cebu City Hall to start the activity. 

Right after the mass, a kick off parade followed from Plaza Sugbo to the Cebu City Sports Complex where the formal opening ceremony was conducted.

With the aim to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie among the city government employees, the activity is a project of Cebu City Mayor Michael L Rama way back his stint as a city councilor.

Highlighting the Sportsfest opening were the contest for the Muse which was bagged by Ms. Donna Ibarra from the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) and the Pahugyaw sa Sayaw which was grabbed by the Cebu City Health Department as Champion. 

Meanwhile, adding color to the event were the ceremonial torch lighting and relay headed by Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella, City Administrator Dr. Lucelle Mercado, Cebu City Sports Commission chairman Edward Hayco and Human Resource and Development Office (HRDO) chief Atty. Dominic Dino. 

The Oath of Sportsmanship was led by Cebu City Sports Commission executive director Mark Alino. 

The more than Five thousand city government employees from the different departments partook in the activity. The 22 Departments will compete in different sporting events every night and weekends until the championships which will usually lasts until next year in time for the Charter Day Celebration of the city on February 24, 2015. 

Furthermore the Sportsfest is spearheaded by the Cebu City Sports Commission and the Human Resource Development Office. (By Greggy Jiggs P. Senados, PIO Staff)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 September 2014 16:52


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(CEBU CITY - Public Information Office) At least 130 of the Cebu City Government scholars successfully finished their degree as honor graduates. 

This was revealed by the Office of the Cebu City College Scholarship Program headed by Ida Yting. 

Five of the honor graduates are Magna Cum Laude, One hundred five are Cum Laude, and at least twenty are with honors and distinctions. This included the following: 

I.) Magna Cum Laude – Haggie Tordios, Jorisse Gumanay , and Daisy Marie Cortes from Cebu Normal University; and Kathleen Lingatong and Jic Mandel Quebec both from Cebu Institute of Technology - University. 

II.) Cum Laude from University of the Philippines Cebu - Gerime Mae Basalo, James Bayon-on, Mark Anthony Cabanlit, Jun Mar Denila, Joni Joy Dumasig, Chanel Angelex Elmido, Mark Anthony Esperida, Dan Clever Gigantone and Karla Katharina Salazar. 

Cum Laude from University of Cebu Main Campus - Jameveizel Arreiesgado, Aimee Bacado, Mary Ann Estrada, Donmnabel Daclan, Jasmine Daboco, Mariefe Tangaro, Jaynie Aragon, April Jean Bermejo, and Ma. Tia Ann Vallecera. 

Cum Laude from University of Cebu Banilad Campus - Jayvee Mae Goc-ong, Charmaine Hope Ranario, Rachel Catipay, and Venice Marie Dignadice. 

Cum Laude from Asian College of Technology - Aiza Oplada, John Robertson Nocos, Keven John Harvey Laluyan, Neil Justine Bohol, Rudlyn Lavapies, Hazel Ann Tanag, Shana Mae Manzano, Johannah Fe Vano, Meljean Baguio, Sarah Labora, Venus Villafuerte, Renalyn Oranola, Larry Benson Agan, Jisamae Samodio, Jade Tan, Nina Lyn Lavador, Khimberlee Camingue, Jose Enrique Ragasajo, Christian Hope Alterado, Charis Morales, Maclein Ocampo, and Crzelle Obrador. 

Cum Laude from Cebu Normal University - Joanna Lanojan, Algen Velasco, Charmaine Rubica, Mae Ann Paningasan, Christine Desperas, Jenlyn Patalinjug, Michael Ian Rule, Andre Nica Verano, Loremie Ardiente, Anna Mariel Cruz, Lurlyn Cantal, Kara Ruth Mique, Faith Fatima Esoreal, Jhanel Flores, Elonah Jane Alburo, Mary Jean Bonghanoy, Maureen Balili, Jhanine Grace Ursal, Marievel Velsquez, Mel Samantha Latoza, Hazel Nina Jorge, Allet Mary Teves, Glorel Baclayon, Niel Arcilla, Melanie Encarquez, Rosland Ursabia, Jessa Celocia, Thessa Lonica Jopia, and Allyssa Marie Joyo.

Cum Laude from Interface Computer College Cebu – Mary Dawn Barangan. 

Cum Laude from Cebu Technological University – Iby Arsolon, Jenny Baclaan, Ian Clement Balolong, Rolando Baril Jr., Dian Queen Rose Bayot, Jecil Bilocura, Reynaldo Cadutdut, Leonil Dalumpines, Jennefer Depositario, Grace Marie Descartin, Villarin Duat, Zenia Rose Edon, Nadine Cydel Fajordo, Camille Gabisay, Cherymie Guardario, Era Guisando, Janice Hermoso, Janine Justol, Maria Jonah Labura, Stevin Leyson, Cecilia Ligan, Andrew John Manatad, Christine Merolina, Erika Angeli Nadulo, Marvin Ompad, Charlene Pestano, Florame Reyes, Jenniefer Segalis, Ana Marie Soque, and Christine Joy Villarasco. 

Cum Laude from Cebu Institue of Technology University – Rubie Lyn Mellorca and Kenneth Joshua Sardan. 

III.) With Honors and Distinctions – Jaynie Aragon, Moniera Pepito, Sharmaine Aina Llamedo, and Crissa De Aquino from University of Cebu Main Campus; Mary Amethyst Abella, Stephanie Arcilla, Jhun Rae Libato, Jennifer Zapanta, Airlyn Talara, Eldie Joseph Rosella, Argie Andrade, Cidriek Pasco, Emeliy Tangpos, Hannah Pondar, Rocil Miano, Kerwin Llemedo, Mary Grace Belandres, Lesbeth Limotan, Karl James Perolino and Apple Cherry Navarro from Asian College of Technology. 

The 130 city scholars are among the 2,665 who are first batch of the Cebu City Government scholars dubbed as Sugbo Batch. 

Executive Order No. 10-124 issued by Mayor Michael Rama and strengthened by the City Ordinance 2333 has created the Cebu City College Scholarship Program. It is also dubbed as Economic Scholarship because the beneficiaries are products of all public high schools and Alternative Learning System from the city’s 80 villages. 

“It is my dream that there will be a College graduate in every family, take care of you studies, and pray always,” Rama pointed out to the city scholars during “An Hour with the Mayor” activity, adding that he plans to increase the allowance of the scholars and will always look for their welfare. 

The Mayor urged the scholars to finish a degree so they can help their families and build a brighter future. He further encouraged them to help the programs and projects of the city, especially in helping to straighten what is crooked, beautify what is ugly, clean what is dirty, put fragrance what is obnoxious, and put into order what is chaotic.

With its aim to address the needs of the poor but deserving residents of the city who want to pursue college or vocational courses but cannot afford to pay the tuition and miscellaneous fees, the program has served its purpose.

The beneficiaries are required to take the Career Pathing Examination administered by a licensed psychometrician chosen by the Cebu City Scholar Committee. 

The city government provides Ten thousand pesos per semester each scholar for their tuition fees that goes directly to the respective accounting offices of the school where they study. Only their book and transportation allowances will be given to them in cash to ensure that the money will be used where it is intended. 

Furthermore, the beneficiaries need to maintain at least passing grades in all subjects to continue to enjoy the scholarship. Four years after its implementation, the program has bear fruits and produced graduates with honors and others have already passed their board examinations. (By: Greggy Jiggs P. Senados, PIO Staff)
Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 September 2014 08:50


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The Cebu City Government through the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) is in need of the following:

Two (2) Radiologic Technologist 1
Casual - SG11 P18,549.00 per month
Cebu City Medical Center 

*Must be a resident of Cebu City 
*Education: Bachelor's degree in Radiologic Technology 
*Experience: None required
*Training: Non required
*Eligibility: RA 1080 (Radiologic Technologist)

For interested applicants, please address your application letter to Hon. Michael L. Rama, Mayor.

Applicants must submit six (6) copies of the following documents to SHERREE MAE BORDAJE/ YVETTE TABOADA, 8th floor Executive Building, Cebu City Hall, Cebu City on or before September 7, 2014.

1. Application Letter
2. Personal Data Sheet
3. Birth Certificate (NSO)
4. PRC ID (if applicable)
5. Eligibility (Civil Service Rating/ Board Rating - if applicable)
6. Transcript of Records
7. Training Certificates
8. Performance Rating (last two rating periods must be Very Satisfactory)


The New Plaza Independencia

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(CEBU CITY – Public Information Office) One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Queen City of the South is Plaza Independencia.

This historical site is strategically located between Fort San Pedro and Casa del Gobierno de Visayas which was used as the Provincial Capitol until 1938.

Several excavations have been conducted in the place and at the adjacent areas of the Plaza, which have yielded tremendous information about the pre-colonial trading port called Sugbu. These include the 1984 excavation conducted by the University of Michigan and the 2000 and 2006 excavations conducted by the national museum.

Four centuries of human activity combined with the forces of nature and the elements have raised the site by an average of two meters from its original surface.

Excavations at that dept have unearthed burial sites with earthen ware and ceramics from China, Thailand and Vietnam marking pre-colonial trading.

In 1971, the excavations of the University of San Carlos inside Forth San Pedro yielded Ming Dynasty blue and white China as well as Thai ceramics dating back from the year 1368 and the 1500s multicultural trading, migrations, upheavals.

Only the age-old acacia trees dotting the area stand as silent witnesses to the many phases and events that once took place in this historical and cultural landmark of Cebu.

The Plaza Independencia has been called by a number of names. In 1600 it was known a Plaza de Armas when it served as a public square for military training and parade grounds. Later it was called Plaza Mayor when it was expanded to include the area near the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

Once, it was called Plaza Maria Cristina in honor of the then Queen Regent of Spain.
When the Americans came, the name was changed to Plaza Libertad to commemorate the Liberty of our Filipino ancestors against the Spanish rule.

With the turns of events in our country, it became known as Plaza Independencia, a tribute to Philippine independence. But like so many parts of the City, Plaza Independencia has not been spaced by urban decay. For many years, more and more people heed a widely negative perception of the area sighting many concerns, safety and security especially.

Today, however with the emerging concept of urban space rehabilitation, many old cities and areas in the world has been revitalized. 

The city government’s step to rehabilitate Plaza Independencia is a response to the changing times, paving towards a more humane environment in the city.

In 2007, Plaza Independencia was temporarily closed to the public because of the tunnel construction beneath it. The grand old lady of all parks all over the Philippines became a haven for furtive activities at night. She had lost all her attractions becoming, instead, a place to be avoided even feared.

In order to restore its old glory, the Cebu City government has allocated a Php20 Million budget for its rehabilitation. This project started right after the completion of the tunnel last November 8, 2010.

The century-old site has been refurbished with a modern design more attuned to the changing lifestyle of the Cebuanos and better equipped as a tourist destination. This was spearheaded by the Geety Construction and Realty Development Incorporated.

The enhancements done in Plaza Independencia include the installation of new benches and lampposts, the restoration of the original fountain, addition of triangular concrete pavers thus making the Fort San Pedro the center of attraction upon entering the main gate of the Plaza, redesign of the walkways for better access, flexible use, safety and to highlight and direct attention towards Fort San Pedro, Architecturally significant landscaping to create more green areas with carabao grass and additional palm trees among others, the rehabilitation of the Magsaysay and War Veteran monuments; and the re-structuring of the Plaza Kiosk and Legazpi Obelisks.

Mayor Michael Lopez Rama has emphasized that this is one of the major projects of his administration. As such, no detail is to be left out especially the concern for safety - there are plans of installing CCTV cameras to ensure the security of the public while they are in the vicinity.

President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III has said, “Plaza Independencia has witnessed important moments in our nation’s history, and through the years, has continued to play a part in our continuing struggle to assert and strengthen our national identity. What was once a mark of dominion is now a symbol of our country’s independence, a reminder of our long journey to freedom and of people’s unity and determination to realize our aspirations.”

Last May 8, 2011 Plaza Independencia was was re-opened to the public which marked the beginning of another phase in Cebu’s history. It serves as a venue for exercise and other various fun and leisure activities. 

The restoration of this hallowed site is a timely undertaking that coincides with our efforts to usher in an era of transformation and renewal for the Filipino people. This will reinforce the vigor of Cebuanos and make active contributions in our drive to attain our collective goal of comprehensive growth and equitable progress.

The city government’s effort to enhance and preserve Plaza Independencia has bear fruits. It achieved recognition as the Best Public Park by the SunStar Publishing Incorporated 2013 Best of Cebu Awards.

A concerete example of Mayor Rama’s aim for a People-Privately Driven Governance, more importantly Plaza Independencia reminds every Filipino of our most precious heritage – our Independence. With your involvement we shall realize the promise of our true potential as a great nation. (By: Greggy Jiggs P. Senados, PIO Staff)
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